Zelf markings play an important part in identifying a Zelf from another.


Medium Miss Clover 1

Miss Clover's Zelf markings are the green and gold clover patterns on her tummy

These markings are usually on the tummy of a Zelf, though may also be on the lower legs or around the eyes. There are a variety of different markings that a Zelf can possess, and can determine what a Zelf is best at. According to the commercial, the power mark you see shows their own identities - which shows what kind of Zelf the character is. It may represent their power (Miss Clover has clover patterns which represent good fortune) or be simply related to the Zelf's type (Elfa the forest Zelf has leaves, whereas Spellinda has a cat, which is closely associated with witches). Often, these patterns will consist of a main part (the more specific object relating to the Zelf) and decoration such as stars.

Presence on toysEdit

In the toy line, both Large and Medium Zelfs possess Zelf markings. However, the less-detailed Lil' Zelfs omit the markings altogether.

Character Markings ListEdit

Series 1Edit

Marking Zelf Description
Spellinda Mark
Spellinda Black and pink stars located on her leg and lower stomach with a black cat and a black tail.
Garny Mark
Garny A dark blue rose with white thorn leaf and vines. On her left shoulder is a white spider web, while on her left leg are small dark blue and white roses.
Mermalade Mark
Mermalade Her Markings cover the lower half of her body in blue with white lines, giving it a resemblance of the ocean waters. She has a single shell and small bubbles randomly placed.
Lunanne Mark
Lunanne A big, gold crescent moon on her tummy. Surrounding it are dark blue, black, and white tiny stars and clouds. She has a star by her left eye.
Elfa Mark

Pink flowers with green leaf an curled vines. Next to each eye is a pink leaf, while green vines and leaf cover her legs.

Angelala Mark
Angelala A golden music trail attached to a harp with a halo above it. She has the same musical trail design on her right leg. Tiny, pale blue musical notes adorn both trails.
Howlette Mark
Howlette Howlette has dark purple markings randomly placed on her body, along with a paw print on her lower left stomach. On her forehead is dark purple with white markings, resembling fur.
Pega Mark
Pega Sue On her torso is a rainbon trail of violet, pink, pale blue, green, and gold. A single white and pink horshoe rests at the center, while stars of violet, pale blue, yellow, and orange are placed in various spots.
Vampula Mark

On her right of the torso are two fuchsia bats and a single black, while on her leg is a fuchsia flower and black thorned vine.

Clover Mark
Miss Clover Clover has glittering clovers in dark gold and dark emerald, with a single emerald clover next to her eye.
Tressa Mark
Tressa Green and dark purple vines and leaf located on the left leg and side of her torso. On her upper leg is a purple fly.
Buttershy Mark
Buttershy A mint-blue curling vine on her stomach and upper right leg. It depicts flowers and butterflies of fuchsia and pale yellow to match the butterfly by her right eye.
Flamy Mark
Flamy A large, hot pink flame on the stomach.
D Mark
Lil' D A black pitchfork.

Series 2Edit

Picture Name Description
Birchy Marks
Birchy A dark brown, curled tree with a few green leaf. On his head is a curled branch.
Buttershy Mas Mark
Buttershy A light purple curled vine with fuchsia flowers and butterfly. A big purple flower sits next to it.
Catsby Mark

Stripes all over his torso in navy and light blue. On the center of his stomach is a navy fishbone.

In the art, the marks are purple and blue.

Dandy Mark
Dandy-Lion A red lion with a pair of white wings. A single, red star is at the corner.
DorothyDoe Marks
Dorothy-Doe A white marking surrounded by small speckles, which are also randomly placed on the legs and arms. On her lower back and leg is a pink deer.
Flamy Mas Mark
Flamy On the torso is a hot pink and green dragon head with a large pair of wings. Surrounding it are small green scales.
Flitter Mark
Flitter A purple and cyan dragonfly surrounded by smaller purple dragonfly. On his right leg is a curled pale pink and purple design.
Jewely Marks
Jewely A white, pink, and purple gem and glitter design on the right side of her body.
Kitsu Mark
Kitsu A light red crescent moon on it's side, matching the pale pink crescent on her forehead, pointing in the opposite direction.
Lady Mark
Lady B A big black and red fancy ladybug
Lochlan Mark
Lochlan A cyan marking on the stomach with pale green bumps to resemble scales. On the left knee is a pink and green water serpant.
Merma Mas Mark
Mermalade She keeps her previous markings but adds a pale pink seashell on her chest (art only)
Owlmanda Mark
Owlmanda Pink lines resembling owl feathers, next to a small pink, lavender, and pale pink owl. On her right upper leg is a pink feather.
PegaSue Mas Mark
Pega Sue A purple, fuchsia, and sky blue rainbow with stars of the same color surrounding it. On her lower left stomach is a white horshoe.
Ribbita Mark
Ribbita Light yellow-green markings and bumps, reminiscent of a frogs skin.
SnapJ Mark
Snap Jack A large white snowflake surrounded by small white and blue spots on his torso. On each leg is a white design.
Spellinda Mas Mark
Spellinda A black cat with light yellow markings behind it. Stars and dots of black, yellow, and purple surround it.
Teeny-Genie Mark
Teeny Genie A hot pink and purple design depicting a lamp with smoke surrounding it. Hot pink swirled designs are also on each cheek and left arm.
Vampula Mas Mark
Vampula Around the middle of her stomach are two black thorned vines with small purple bats.
Webina Marks
Webina A white spider web with a smaller one in the lower right corner. Hanging from it is a white heart, while a spider of fuchsia rests in the center. On her forehead is a white spiderweb.

Series 3Edit

Picture Name Description
Beetrice Marks
Beetrice A pink bee accented by light purple and white. A curled purple trail comes from it, along with two purple flowers.
Berry Buttershy Marks
Berry Buttershy A dark purple bunch of grapes with leaf and stem of neon green surrounding it, with fuchsia cherries and raspberries attached. Along with blueberries and blackberries. At the top right is a purple and hot pink butterfly.
Bubblee Marks
Bubblee A melting why and pink heart with pale pink markings and fuchsia bubbles surrounding it.
Chi mark
Chi A pale brown-cream paw print with a swirl design on it. At the neck is a matching colored mark, resembling fur.
Cupie Mark
Cupie A heart with a gold and pink arrow through it is on her chest. Below it are curled, golden lines. Above her right eye is a gold winged heart.
Dolly Mark
Dolly A large pink moth on the torso with white, purple, and black accents.
Float Mark
Float Two big clouds of light blue and pink with two smaller clouds; the lower left is blue, while the upper right is pink.
Frostette Marks
Frostette A large cupcake of white with a berry and sprinkles on it. The cake is green, and the wrapper is hot pink and purple. At the right upper corner is a tiny pink heart.
Lulla Mark
Lullaby On her torso is a large white heart with a hot pink unicorn. It's eye and hair are pale pink. Two smaller hot pink hearts are next to it.
Manny Mark
Manny Two golden leaf on the torso; one is solid, while the other is lined.
Mint Spellinda Mark
Mint Spellinda A lavender cat sits in a frilly pink heart. Surrounding it are many light turqoise and white candies and stars.
Snowphie Mark
Snowphie Grey stripes around his entire body. At the center of his forehead is a marking with a small heart in the center.
Ty Marks
Ty Foon Two white clouds, one curled in design. There are three yellow lightning bolts of various sizes hanging from them, while one large lightning bolt of white goes over his left eye.


  • Other significantly different features (including wings, freckles and fins) do not count as Zelf markings.