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Welcome to Zelfipedia!

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Love your zelf! Meet the hair-raising creatures that magically appear under the twilight sky, in their own garden Zardenia! The Zelfs are a new toy line made by Moose Enterprises. There's tons of Zelfs to collect - can you get them all?

Zelfipedia aims to be a detailed and concise website that can be a one-stop resource for everything that comes from The Zelfs franchise. Catch up with the line at Zelfipedia!

This wiki is not associate with Moose Enterprises or any companies connected to the Zelfs franchise. This is a fan-driven wiki.

Meet the Zelfs

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Series 2

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Check out a range of awesome Zelf merchandise:

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Rules of Zardenia

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  • This wiki is NOT a fandom wiki. Do not post your own creations on pages.
  • Keep bad comments to yourself, and be nice to others.
  • Try to keep your language suitable for all ages. This is a toy line aimed for kids, and they will likely look at the wiki.

Zelf of the Moment


Dandy-Lion Artwork

A lion Zelf with wings? Oh, my! It's a jungle in the twilight sky as this winged ruler soars and roars over Zardenia. This courageous, most beautiful creature of the wild always has something to roar about. And we ain't Lion! Check out his fab profile here!

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