Zardenia Map
is the main setting of The Zelfs franchise and where all Zelfs live.


According to most media, when the 'twilight moon' is in the sky, the Zelfs appear in Zardenia. This appears to be the only setting thus far introduced in the Zelfs universe.

The garden itself is shaped like a 'Z', as revealed in the 2014 collectors leaflets and in the newer Zelfisodes. It is sealed off with a fence and a set of gates. 


There are many places in Zardenia, which pay host to the fabitats of the different Zelf characters. Going from the top of the garden to the bottom, here are the different places:

  • The Royal Gardens look to be a set of gardens surrounding a large pink house. 
  • The Split Ends Forest has trees with wild leaves - this is where Dandy-Lion's Lion Den is located.
  • The Hangout looks to be a small hang-out spot. This is where Webina's Web Cafe is located.
  • Toasty Toes Camp is a fire-related camp - this can be recognised with Lil' D's Toasty Toes Firepit, though Dorothy-Doe's Deer Lodge and the tree pee of Birchy and Owlmanda are both located at the camp.
  • The Moon Lagoon is a secluded moon-related lagoon.
  • Pointar Paddocks is the location of Pega Sue's Pony Up Stables. It also has a shoe house belonging to an unknown character.
  • The Pool of Rock could be mistaken for the Rock Garden Pond Pool, where Lochlan lives.
  • The Zecret Garden is, as it suggests, a secret garden. It is home to the Genie Bungalow of Teeny Genie.
  • Zentral Park is a central area of Zardenia. This looks to be where the Venus Flytrap Spin Salon belonging to Tressa is located.
  • The Day Zee Gardens are where Lady B's flowerbed is located.
  • The Zegie Patch is where the pumpkin in which Masquerade is held is located, and also where Garny's watering can looks to be at.
  • The Zoriental Garden is where Flitter's bird bath and Kitsu's Rock Lantern Sushi Den are located.
  • Zoho Park is based upon Soho Park. 
  • The Hide-N-Zeek playground is where Ribbita's Toadstool Swing is located, as well as Catsby's tree house and Snap Jack's ice pop wheel barrow.
  • The Moonlight Maze is a more mysterious part of Zardenia, and somewhere in this labyrinth there is a ruby rock belonging to Jewely.