The Zelfs web series is a part of the media and promotion for Zelfs. It ran from 2013 to 2014.


The episodes, or 'zelfisodes', are promoted at release on the official Facebook page, notifying fans of the releases.

Flitterpad Fiasco was released as a prototype episode, and the later episodes (starting from Hair Raising Halloween) have a new art style and a slightly different voice cast. The new style and voice actors have stayed for the rest of the episodes.



  1. Flitterpad Fiasco​ was released on September 5th.
  2. Hair Raisin' Halloween was released on October 30th.
  3. Jingle Zelfs was released on December 17th.

2014 Edit

  1. Bad Hair Day was released on February 7th.
  2. Love is in the Hair was released on February 11th.
  3. H2-Gone was released on March 11th.
  4. Masquerade Party was released on April 2nd.
  5. Wish Upon A Star was released on May 18th.
  6. Knot My Hair was released on May 29th.
  7. Race Your Zelf was released on July 15th.
  8. Zelfs Got Talent was released on June 26th.
  9. Hole Lot of Trouble was released on September 18th.


The official Zelfs YouTube channel, where all of the 'Zelfisodes' are posted