Tressa is a Venus Flytrap Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

This gossipy hairdresser just can't shut her trap. She has the gift of gab - and nab (if you're a fly)


Tressa is melon colored with faded green and purple around her hands, feet, and orange eyes. Her hair is mainly dark green with a mauve portion pulled into a swirl that resembles a mouth on top. Her inner-ear is glittery green. Her marking involves a various insect patterns on her tummy, printed in purple.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Tressa is voiced by Olivia Tennet in the web-series.

Tressa gives her signature haircare treatment (and experimentation) to Vampula (Bad Hair Day)


Tressa is currently exclusive to the Venus Flytrap Spin Salon playset. Thus far, she is only available in Medium.

This character uses the Spellinda mold along with Spellinda and Elfa.


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