Here is a full list of the toy releases in 2013.


Large Assortment Wave 1Edit

This assortment is made up of six different characters, each one comes with a collectors leaflet, two hair extensions, a hairbrush and elastic bands. 

Medium Assortment Wave 1Edit

This assortment is made up of thirteen different characters (twelve are regularly shipped whereas the thirteenth is a rare character), each one comes with a collectors leaflet, a charm, a comb and elastic bands.

Venus Flytrap Spin SalonEdit

This playset includes an exclusive Medium Zelf, Tressa. It is shaped like a plant-pot, which opens up to reveal a salon, with the main focus being the venus flytrap that twists the hair to make new hairstyles. It also includes a comb, hair extensions and clips.

Lil' Zelfs Mini Planters Wave 1Edit

This line is made up of 36 randomly packaged Lil' Zelfs which are hidden in plant-pot shaped containers (the first wave is coloured in pink, purple and lime green). They are included in three different finishes and each include an identical collectors leaflet.

  • Angelala (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Buttershy (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Elfa (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Flamy (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Garny (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Howlette (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Lil' D (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Lunanne (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Mermalade (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Pega Sue (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Spellinda (standard, glitter and pearl)
  • Vampula (standard, glitter and pearl)

Lil' Zelfs Collector TinEdit

This tin is themed with Zelfs, and contains hair extensions, a comb, elastic bands and four Lil' Zelfs that appear to be a glittery Buttershy, translucent Mermalade, standard Spellinda and pearl Vampula.

Lil' Zelfs Greenhouse Teahouse SetEdit

This set contains eighteen Lil' Zelfs. Five of these are exclusive glow-in-the-dark Lil' Zelfs

Design Your ZelfEdit

This contains a special larger-sized Zelf (larger than a Large Zelf) who has the power of Originality. They are plain white and has multi coloured hair similar to that of Pega Sue. They also come with stickers and three colour pens.