Spellinda is a Witch Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

Zardenia's Perky lil' matchmaker is always whippin up potions in the birdbath. Broomzoomin through the garden, she'll put a love spell on your heart.


Spellinda stirs sweet love potions with mint in her mint wheelbarrow. The scent of mint attracts the other Zelfs to her love spells! Her Zelicous sweet spots always stock full of fresh minty spells.


Spellinda is glowing green with a a cat pattern on her skin in black and pink. She has elf ears and markings of pink and black stars above her violet eyes. Her hair is black and purple and curls into a small heart near the tip.

For the Masquerade she wears a blue and yellow eye mask with a design over her upper eye. Her inner-ear is pale yellow, while her hair is mostly purple, with a streak of black on the side.

Her mint form has dark green stripes on her legs and streaks of teal and white on her forehead. Her hair is mainly dark purple, with forelocks of dark green, black, and lilac.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Spellinda is voiced by Genevieve Aitken in the web-series.

Spellinda casts spells to get Buttershy to remember how she built the Flitterpad (Flitterpad Fiasco). She tells Vampula scary stories, and meets Howlette preparing for the Halloween party (Hair Raising Halloween). She celebrates Christmas with the other Zelfs, and casts a spell to make a snowman (Jingle Zelfs). Spellinda is invited to the Masquerade ball, and is seen in her decorations (Masquerade Party).


Spellinda is available in all of the current sizes.

Spellinda uses the Spellinda mold along with Elfa and Tressa


  • In wave 1, her cat is pink. In 2 it has become white.
  • Her name is based on the girls name, Belinda.


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