Snowphie's Song is a song that was released on CDs and iTunes. It was made specifically to help promote Snowphie, and was a way of obtaining the rare Zelf in the UK.

The disc was given out to certain stores and fans would receive the disc with a purchase of £10 or more. There are two versions of the disc - a winning version and a regular version. The regular version plays a snippet of two other Zelf songs, whereas the winning CD congratulates you and tells you how to claim your free Snowphie figure.


Hey there little Snowphie
Can I hang with you today?
There's a magic hiding in your eyes
From all the games you play
In you I find a new friend
Yes, you taught me to be fair
And my love's getting bigger than your crazy hair
Snowphie, little Snowphie
Got your claws into my heart
Snowphie, little Snowphie
Now I know we'll never part
Everytime you're curled up beside me, looking in my eyes
Snowphie, little Snowphie
It's my heart that will come as no surprise

Winning CDEdit

Losing CDEdit