Ribbita is a Frog Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

When this lil' leaper finds herzelf in the water, she is never unhoppy. Her fave snack? Cheese and croakers!

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ribbita is light green with a pale green torso marking and light blue eyes. She has bumped 'ears', and pale green fins on the back of her arms and legs. Her hair is solid green, while she has a frog pattern and wart-like spots on her legs, back and forehead. She has bump ‘ears’ on her temples, fins on her arms and on the back of her legs, and a lighter green section around her mouth and chest. Her eyes are light blue, and she has solid dark green hair.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Ribbita has not been featured in the web series thus far.


Ribbita is currently exclusive to the Toadstool Twirl-N-Swing playset. Thus far, she is only available in Medium.


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