Playsets play a large part in Zelfs merchandising.


Each set will contain one Zelf exclusive to the playset. They are specifically made for the medium size Zelfs, and are therefore incompatible with Large or Lil' Zelfs figures.



The first playset released was the Venus Flytrap Spin Salon. The set includes a Tressa figure, and is specifically designed for hair play, with the venus flytrap being used to twist the hair into different styles.

2014 (spring)Edit

For early 2014 the Toadstool Twirl and Swing playset was released. It is designed similar to a Wave Swinger ride, and can fit in three medium Zelfs in the 'leaf' seats. The exclusive zelf is Ribbita.

2014 (fall)Edit

For the fall of 2014  the Bee Sweet Treehouse was released, and it is the biggest playset thus far. It has many compartments, such as swings and a cafe area for Zelfs to explore. The exclusive zelf is Beetrice