Mermalade is a Mermaid Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

She's always trollin' in the deep….of the water wave fountain. Her fave way to make waves? Surfing on a banana leaf! When in doubt, paddle ya Zelf out!

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mermalade is light blue with a dark blue lower section, to resemble waves of water, as well as a seashell printed on her tummy. She has webbed ears and fins (one on her right arm, and one on each leg). Her eyes are yellow, while her hair is a two-tone blue and resembles waves of water.

For the Masquerade, Mermalade wears deep blue, white, and pale pink makeup on her face to resemble water with a seashell floating out of it. She has a pale pink shell marking on her chest to match it. On her head is a tiara of pearls with a pale pink star on it.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Mermalade is voiced by Daisy Lawless in the web-series.

Mermalade is present at the Flitterpad when Spellinda casts a memory spell on Buttershy (Flitterpad Fiasco). Mermalade celebrates Christmas with the other Zelfs, and wraps up shells as gifts (Jingle Zelfs). When the fountain is broken, Vampula helps Mermalade find the cause of this (H2-Gone). Mermalade is invited to the Masquerade ball, and is seen in her decorations (Masquerade Party)


Mermalade is available in all of the current sizes.

This character uses the Mermalade mold along with Flamy.


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