The Masquerade line of Zelfs was released in 2014


This line of medium Zelfs features existing characters with new mask-like decorations and headdresses. They come with a collectors leaflet and a comb, just like the other medium Zelfs.



Buttershy normally keeps herzelf to herzelf, but when she pops on her mask she’s flyin’ flutterin’ fun and loooves to wing it on the dance floor!


Flamy’s got nothin’ to prove with his masked moves. This groovin’ hothead has no fear on the dance floor…but should he, Masquerade Ball is full of surprises, y’know!                                                                                        *note; Flamy is known to be a male insted of female.


Mermalade’s exploring her first outta-water Masquerade Ball in her pearly mask from the sea. She’s rippin’ up the dance floor with her whippin’ tail moves and causing an ocean of commotion!

Pega SueEdit

This A+ chic masker is seriously smart…hoofin’ it on the dance floor! Pega Sue’s bringing her pony moves to the Masquerade Ball – Zangham Style!


Spellinda’s bringing dance moves to the Masquerade Ball…literally. She’s whipped up a groovin’ portion of motion, but upon whom will she cast her dance spell of jazz hands? (uh-oh, Flamy!)


Vampula vamps her beautiful bejewelled mask. But behind her mask, she’s bejittery big time! Will she win Masquerade Ball Queen?!?


  • Flamy is incorrectly marketed as a male rather than a female.
  • Pega Sue's reference to 'Zangham Style' is a parody of 'Gangnam Style', a popular song by PSY, known for the matching 'horse riding' dance.
  • The promotional pictures of the Masquerade Zelf toys are actually promo pictures of the original versions with the 'masks' edited on. You can tell this when you compare the images to those of them in the packaging.