Lil' Zelfs - Full Contents

A Lil' Zelf (in this case Pega Sue) and all of their contents

The Lil' size is one of three different sizes of Zelfs figures.


These figures are the smallest size of Zelf figures. They are also quite different to their larger counterparts. First of all, they are fully static, with no mobility. Their eyes are also painted on, though there is still glitter present in wings. The hair is usually now single-toned, even if the regular character has two-toned hair (with the exception of Pega Sue). 

The concept of a mystery planter is similar to that of a blind bag toy - the owner will not know which character they will obtain until they open the package. However, if one wants to find out, they may 'peek' under the cardboard flap which will cover the hole on the lid. It is therefore possible to buy a Lil' Zelf of your choice, though those with less distinctive hair colours (both Spellinda, Vampula and Flamy have pink hair, for example) may be harder to tell from one another this way. As of 2014, the Wave 2 pots are shrink-wrapped to avert this 'cheat#.


These Zelfs are packaged with few accessories (besides from the pot itself) - the only accessory is the collectors leaflet, which comes with all Zelfs. 

The plant pot itself has a hole at the top of it, in which you can see the hair of the Zelf. The pot is covered in vines, and has a Zelfs logo on it. In store it is always covered in cellophane, and there is cardboard decoration around it also.


These are the characters in which a Lil' Zelf has been made:


All of these characters were made in three finishes - glitter, pearl and standard - bringing the total number of Zelfs to collect up to 36.

Additionally, there is a collector tin which includes a glittery Buttershy, a translucent Mermalade, a standard Spellinda and a glittery Vampula.

A set of eighteen Lil' Zelfs have been packaged in the Greenhouse Teahouse set. Five of these are exclusive glow-in-the-dark Lil' Zelfs.



The second wave of Lil' Zelfs also features glitter, pearl and standard finishes, as well as new poses. There are 36 Zelfs altogether also.

July 2014Edit

In July 2014 the lil zelfs series 3 were released.With new poses this series included 12 new characters to collect.These characters were:

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