Lil' D is a Firesprite Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

Lil'D loves stirrin' up midnight madness in Zardenia. He's got his own rock garden band, the Fireflies...and secretly crushin on Angel.


Lil' D is coloured in orange, and has a black trident on his tummy, with various fire patterns. He has orange upturned ears with red devil horns patterned onto them (the prototypes have black ears), as well as small upturned fangs. His eyes are a green colour, and his hair is coloured in fiery red and yellow.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Lil' D is voiced by Daisy Lawless in the webseries.

He celebrates Christmas with the Zelfs, and is unintentionally hit with a shopping trolley by Pega Sue (Jingle Zelfs). He attempts to talk to his crush Angelala with the help of Buttershy, but the headset attempt goes wrong (Love is in the Hair). He dresses up for the Masquerade with pen drawings and a saucepan on his head (Masquerade Party


Lil' D is available in all of the current sizes.

This character uses the Lil' D mold along with Howlette.


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