Large Buttershy in Packaging

An example of a large Zelf in the packaging (Buttershy)

The Large size (also called Super Zelfs) is one of three different sizes of Zelfs figures.


Standing at eighteen centimeters tall, these are the largest out of the three main sizes (not counting the Design Your Zelf). They have poseability at the head, arms and legs, so they can be put into different poses, including sat down. Often, Zelfs of this type will be coated in a different type of finish, including pearlized, glittery and fluorescent for a glow-in-the-dark effect.

The aim of the Large line of Zelfs is to compare more with a traditional fashion doll, aiming mostly at hair play. 


The Large Zelfs are packaged with accessories - the first is the collectors leaflet, which comes with all Zelfs. This includes a bio of the Zelf and a mini-checklist. The second is a set of elastic bands. The third, mostly unique to the line, is a set of hair clip extensions, which can be used on both the Zelf and the owner. The final accessory is a full hairbrush.


These are the characters in which a Large Zelf has been made:



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