Jewely is a Ruby Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

Jewely is an ultra-rare Ruby Zelf of exceptional power...A sight to behold! She is the most rare, precious Zelf in all of Zardenia...A true natural Zelf wonder! A special sliver of the first shooting star ever, she gives you the power to sparkle! So make your world brighter and shine yourzelf like a gem!

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jewely is coloured in translucent pink with gold gradients further down, and has gem markings on her tummy and legs. She has downturned elf ears, three jewels on her forehead and crystal-like wings in pink. Her eyes are hazel, and she has solid pink hair with gold streaks.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Jewely's voice actor has not been revealed as of yet.

She is the host for the Zelfs Masquerade party, and sent the invites (Masquerade Party)


Jewely is a limited edition Zelf only available in Medium size. As only 10000 were produced, she is one of the rarest Zelf figures to collect.


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