Howlette is a Werewolf Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

This fast runner has a good sense of smell and howls at the twilight moon. With hair2 spare, she's all about hair-sheddin to warm the flowers during the winter frost.


Howlette is lavender with a hint of indigo with bright, dark purple at her paws and upper head. She has a purple paw-print pattern on her tummy and upturned wolf ears, small fangs, a tail and a darker patch on her head. She has yellow eyes and bright mauve hair that mostly sticks up, save for a single forelock that curls.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Howlette is voiced by Kimberley Crossman in the web-series.

Howlette unintentionally scares Vampula and Spellinda while preparing for a Halloween party (Hair Raising Halloween). She celebrates Christmas with the other Zelfs, and decorates the tree 'with a million zillion lights' (Jingle Zelfs) Howlette is at the Masquerade ball with Flamy and Birchy, who later appears (Masquerade Party)


Howlette is available in these sizes:

She is not currently available in the Large size.

This character uses the Lil' D mold along with Lil' D.


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