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The Zelfs Cartoon- Episode 2 "Hair-Raising Halloween"

The Zelfs Cartoon- Episode 2 "Hair-Raising Halloween"

Hair Raising Halloween
Hair Raising Halloween
Release date October 30th, 2013
Previous Flitterpad Fiasco
Next Jingle Zelfs
 Hair Raising Halloween is the second episode of the Zelfs web series.


OMZ Zeflies, Hair Raisin Halloween is heeeeerrrre! What will the Zelfs get up to for Halloween? Watch and find out!


The episode starts with Spellinda telling Vampula a story. It tells of a giant mud monster who grabs a Zelf when she thought she'd gotten away, which scares Vampula, thinking that their hair would be messed up. Spellinda giggles, and Vampula breathed a sigh of relief, and prepares to tell her own scary story - the story of the Midnight Creeper!

Vampula prepares to tell her story, until they are interrupted by the noise of a werewolf. Spellinda asks Vampula about it, but she insists she has no part in it. The two Zelfs start to scream, proclaiming this werewolf as the Midnight Creeper, until a werewolf Zelf comes up, interested in the story. The two Zelfs are still screaming, until the werewolf introduces herself - as Howlette. The other Zelfs claim that they thought she was the Creeper, and ask why she was scaring them. Howlette states that she wasn't trying to scare them, but instead preparing the garden for Halloween!

The two Zelfs says that the decorations are amazing, as Howlette states that the full moon keeps her busy. As the two Zelfs compliment the event, Vampula stumbles upon a spider - that talks! She screams, and the episode ends.


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  • A significant change in art style is noticed in this episode compared to Flitterpad Fiasco. This new art style is carried on for the rest of the episodes.
  • The episode was first leaked onto the Zelfs official YouTube on October 30th, but was shortly removed, then put back up again.