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The Zelfs Cartoon Premier- Episode 1 "Flitterpad Fiasco"-0

The Zelfs Cartoon Premier- Episode 1 "Flitterpad Fiasco"-0

Flitterpad Fiasco
Flitterpad Fiasco - Title
Release date September 5th, 2013
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Flitterpad Fiasco is the first episode of the Zelfs web series.


OMZ Zelfies! It's soooo exciting! The first official Zelfisode is here! Will Buttershy remember how she fixed her cocoon?? Watch to find out!


In Buttershy's Flitterpad, Vampula and Mermalade are hanging out with Buttershy, when a gust of wind rips off a patch of the Flitterpad. Spellinda flies around on her broomstick, noticing the 'moon roof' and commenting on it. Buttershy is upset at the damage. Mermalade assures her that they will sort it out. Spellinda talks to Buttershy, questioning why she can't just fix it, but Buttershy says that since she built the Flitterpad when she was a catepillar, she can not remember how to fix it. Spellinda then gets the 'Best, idea, everrr!', to cast a memory spell on Buttershy, so that she can remember how she built the cocoon. Buttershy is concerned with her experimenting, but Spellinda questions the purpose of having a witch best friend if she cannot help her friends. Mermalade is also unsure, as is Vampula. Nevertheless, Spellinda continues with the spell process.

Setting out a spell circle, Spellinda starts her spell by reciting an incantation - 'Zelficas Rememberas', but casts it wrong the first time, causing Buttershy's hair to go messy and large. As the Zelfs share a giggle, Spellinda sheepishly assures Buttershy that it is part of the plan, and attempts to try it again. After Buttershy hesitates (with warning from Mermalade), Spellinda casts the spell 'Zelficas Rememberas' once more, correctly this time, with Buttershy's smooth hair restored, and her memory too! As Spellinda boasts about her awesomeness, Buttershy recalls the process, but Spellinda wants to help again. Even as Buttershy protests, Spellinda casts a new spell, and causes all of the Zelfs in the Flitterpad to gain messy hair. The other Zelfs call out sarcastically 'Nice one Spellinda...' as the episode ends panning towards the moon.


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