Flamy is a Dragon Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

This lil' hothead protects Zardenia with fiery breath. Careful! She has a short fuse and tends to scorch first...ask questions later.


Flamy is pale green with light pink eyes and dragon-like ears to match her green fins and spots. She has small teeth sticking out of her mouth and hair split in green and hot pink, resembling a flame at the tips. She has a neon pink fire pattern on her tummy.

For the Masquerade, her feet are colored with hot pink flames to match her inner-ear and flamed eye makeup. Her hair is mostly green, with streaks of raspberry on each side.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Flamy has made silent appearances in the web-series. She has one speaking role.

Flamy celebrates Christmas with the other Zelfs, and accidentally burns down a snowman (Jingle Zelfs). Flamy appears with her decorations for the Masquerade party, with Howlette and Birchy (Masquerade Party)

Flamy is playing a game with Garny. Their hair gets tangled, and they need to see Tressa. (Knot my Hair)


Flamy is available in these sizes:

She is not currently available in the Large size.

This character uses the Mermalade mold along with Mermalade.


  • Flamy has been referred to as a female in her original bio, and as a male in the Masquerade line. For the purposes of the wiki we go by her original bio and she is regarded as female and in Jingle Zelfs,you will see that Flamy has eyelashes which in this case, she would be female.


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