Elfa is a Forest Elf Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

This playful prankster is always skippin her garden chores. Instead of pulling weeds, she 's focused on misdeeds!


Elfa is yellow with a pale green gradiences from her knees to her feet. She has a patterns of green leaf and vines with small pink flowers. Near each eye is a small pink leaf. She has elf ears and a row of freckles. Her eyes are blue (or orange on the doll) and is often depicted with a grin. Her hair is mostly green with a small amount of yellow in it, with some hair sticking up and the rest curled down. She has green leaf strewn through her hair.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Elfa has made silent appearances in the web-series.

Elfa celebrates Christmas with the other Zelfs, and eats some pudding, resulting in holly growing in her hair (Jingle Zelfs). Elfa is at the Masquerade ball with Pega Sue (Masquerade Ball).


Elfa is available in these sizes:

She is not currently available in the Large size.

This character uses the Spellinda mold along with Spellinda and Tressa.



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