Dorothy-Doe is a Deer Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

Oh, deer! This funny fawn white-tailer is totally zelfless. She's always caring for Zelfs in her cozy deer lodge and leaves her heart shaped-deer tracks all over Zardenia.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dorothy-Doe is pale pink with a white fluffy tail and inner-ear, matching her small antlers. She has white deer spots and a white tummy patch, as well as a pink deer pattern on her leg. She has tall pointed ears with dark pink tops, and small tufts of fur on her arms. Her toes and fingers have a faded white gradience, while her eyes are blue. She has solid white hair in four seperate portions; three of which are curled, while one is wavy.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Dorothy-Doe has not been featured in the web series thus far.


Dorothy-Doe is available in these current sizes.


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