Collectors Leaflet Title
Often, the different toys in the Zelfs line will include collectors leaflets.


These leaflets are included with Large, Medium and Lil' Zelfs figures. It literally takes the form of a 'leaf-let', having a leaf design on the front.

The leaflet for the Medium and Large Zelfs serve two purposes - on one side it contains artwork and a biography for the character purchased, including a picture of their fabitat. The other side includes artwork of all of the medium characters (with stars noting if they are available in large) and acts as a checklist, with the purchased Zelf already ticked off.

The Lil' Zelfs leaflet acts mainly as a checklist, for both characters in medium/large form and the 36 Lil' Zelfs. One side includes all of the Lil' Zelfs available, whereas the other side includes artwork of all of the medium characters and a checklist for them, just as in the Medium and Large leaflets.

2014 collectors leaflets are no longer individualised, with the newer leaflets being of a larger, fold-out size. One side details the different characters and their biography details, whereas the reverse contains a map of Zardenia.


Zelfipedia is currently working on getting scans of the full collectors leaflets.