Buttershy is a Butterfly Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

This flower power flutter is a lil' shy. But her mean, misrable stop-unlucky lazyness keeps her fluttering around the garden, keeping the flowers alive all year round!

Berry VersionEdit

Buttershy's positive that berries are just the yummiest treat! Why? Because berries are purple just like this sweet shy flitter. After long fluttering flights, she unwinds in her berry chair.


Buttershy is lavender with blue eyes. She has elf ears and a set of flowers patterned onto her, as well as butterflies and a single long vine. She has a pair of bright pink butterfly wings. Her hair is yellow with two thick forelocks that stick up, resembling antennae that come in raspberry and purple.

For the Masquerade, Buttershy's lower legs are raspberry, while her eyes are covered in purple and pale pink makeup to resemble a large butterfly. Her inner ear is yellow, while her hair is mainly yellow, but with streaks of purple and raspberry on the sides. She wears a dark purple tiara with a purple and pink butterfly ornament.

In Berry form, her hair remains the same but appears larger and more spread out. her eyes and inner-ear are lighter, and her wings are translucent purple. One leg is purple, while the other is raspberry-colored.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Buttershy is voiced by Daisy Lawless in the web-series, from Love is in the Hair and onwards.

Buttershy's Flitterpad is ruined in a storm, so Spellinda offers to help fix it with magic, and she is unsure, but eventually she remembers how she built it, by spinning the silk herself (Flitterpad Fiasco). Buttershy celebrates Christmas with the other Zelfs, and is seen flying (Jingle Zelfs). She offers to help out Lil' D ask out Angelala, but gets distracted by a catepillar, leading it to all go wrong (Love is in the Hair). Buttershy gets an invite to the Masquerade, and is seen in her decorations (Masquerade Party).


Buttershy is available in all of the current sizes.

This character uses the Buttershy mold along with Lunanne.


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