Beetrice is a Honey Bee Zelf.

Zelf BioEdit

There’s always a beehive of activity around this sweet busy bee. The other zelfs always make a bumblin' beeline for her honey candies.  If you ask  the secret to herdelicious treats, she sweetly smiles and says… None of your beeswax, honey


Beetrice is gold with cyan eyes and low pointed ears with dark purple coloring inside. Around her face are markings of black to match her antennae and left leg mrkings. Her right leg marks are dark purple. She has a white fluffy neck and bee wings. Her hair is gold and black in a shapely curled stack. On her torso is a bee design.

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Beetrice has not yet appeared in the web series.


Beetrice was released as a Medium Zelf in a Bee Sweet Treehouse.


  • Her name is based on a girls name, Beatrice.


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