Angelala is a kind, angel Zelf.

AppearancrrxeAngelala is pure white with blue and silver tinting around her body. She has a beatiful  stave pattern printed in gold, with light blue notes and a harp. She has elf ears, and a pair of glittery silver wings. Her eyes are blue while her solid white hair is worn together in many curls, resembling soft, fluffy clouds.Edit

Web Series AppearancesEdit

Angelala is voiced by Jennie Cruse in the web-series.

Angelala celebrates Christmas with the other Zelfs, making snowballs (Jingle Zelfs). She and Buttershy meet up, when she is approached by Lil' D. However, this romantic attempt goes wrong (Love is in the Hair). She is seen at the Masquerade ball with Garny (Masquerade Party).


Angelala is available in all of the current sizes.

This character uses the Angelala mold along with Pega Sue.


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